ramthakur1To save and salvage human beings from the unending and unbearable pains and misery, injustice and corruption of the materialistic world, the Almighty God comes in human form to this world from time to time. The Saviors shows the right path to set them free from their predicament. By His divine love and by demonstrating the ideal way of life He uplifts the ordinary human folk to extra-ordinary level of spiritual enlightenment and God-consciousness.

Sri Sri Ramthakur is such a great soul. He is our most revered ”Sri Sri Kaibalyanath” or ”Sri Sri Satyanarayan”. He took the human form for the spiritual uplift of all irrespective of religion, caste and class. A considerable section of His followers were the so-called ‘untouchables’ and people of other religions. Most of them were drawn towards Him fascinated by His magnetic divine personality, His magnanimity & affection for all and also by His pleasant personality.

He said that to attain “Brahma”, the Supreme Being, requires a lot of perseverance and practice of the ways and means demonstrated by a great soul. Renunciation of ‘Sansara’ (material world) is not the only path to realize the Self. God consciousness may be achieved by chanting of ‘Nama’ within this mundane world of ours by means of hard work without attachment.

After setting up ‘Sri Sri Kaibalyadham’, Thakur proclaimed that all the divine deities are present here with full power and heartfelt blessings. “In future a great soul will appear to disclose the glory of Sri Sri Kaibalyanath and liberate the devotees to attain Kaibalyamukti”. Thakur pronounced that people belonging to all religions will come here and attain their ultimate goal of spiritualism performing their own ways of worshipping. He said that the Mohunt of Kaibalyadham should be regarded as the empowered representative of ‘Sri Sri Kaibalyanath’ and will be the supreme spiritual and administrative head of ‘Sri Sri Kaibalyadham’.

Thakur’s exemplary ways of life and His invaluable advice, showered throughout His life, provided guidelines for ideal and sacred life and the right path for seeking God. His innumerable letters and the diaries of His intimate disciples, are replete with His precious advice. The valuable extracts of His letters written to various devotees, have been compiled as ”Veda-Vani” in three volumes.